Welcome The New 4G Smartphones To Experience Next Generation Mobile Usage

Most of us would have already switched to the new sensation in the mobile industry – 4G. But there are still quite a few of us who are still reasoning out the need to upgrade to this new fad. Being an average mobile user who wouldn’t have gone into the details of the new network technology, we bring a comprehensive guide which will help you decode the complexities of the new 4G smartphones.


All of you would already know what the G stands for in 2G, 3G or 4G. With development of new G – as in generation – users are generally required to purchase new phones and network providers have to make expensive upgrades. It was a much simpler scenario till 1G and 2G; but then with rising demand for faster networking, things began to get more complicated – or so it seems.


3G networking technology was introduced in the US in 2003, with a minimum consistent speed of 144kbps. But even then the upgrades kept advancing and 3G developed to provide speeds from 400kbps to almost 10 times more.


But the mobile networking industry could never have enough of the 3G speed. And then there were the new 4G smartphones. With an expectation to be way faster, 4G technology got diversified into many versions, that the actual essence of the term was lost. 4G LTE and other technologies called 4G are different in many ways, especially pertaining to the upload speed it provides. If you upload a lot of data – posting photos or videos, for instance – you’ll find LTE’s upload speeds are far better than those on HSPA.


So why are we so enthusiastic about 4G? Well, you will know the difference if you surf the net extensively and stream a video. 4G also makes a huge difference when you connect your laptop to your mobile link. So if you too depend on the internet extensively and have to deal with heavy data transfers on a regular basis, consider boosting it with 4G technology.

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