What the Best Android Mobile Phones In India offer

The expanding world is contracting and growing population is connecting faster and better with the ever evolving mobile phones. What started as the easiest mode of connecting via phone calls has transformed the way we communicate and is increasingly defining our lifestyle now.

Just like any other technology, the development of Android operating system drastically revolutionised the world of mobiles. From a modest single-use handset, mobile phones became multi-functional, offering a plethora of features and at the same time inviting increasing dependency.

Features that Android Mobile Phones offer in India

Constantly updating and boasting of overflowing number of applications catering to minutest user needs, Android mobile phones offer unimaginable variety of features:

  1. Alternate Keyboards – With text predictors like Swiftkey and the exciting gesture based 8pen, typing is an adventure in itself in Android phones which is at the same time easy to navigate.
  2. Automation – Your already smart phone can be turned into a super phone by automating all its features. Enter a meeting and your phone automatically goes silent and auto-reducing the volume when a loud friend calls are just couple of examples. Ease of access you asked?!
  3. Custom Home Screen – Create shortcut and launch your favorite applications with a single touch directly from your home screen. Widgets surely re-define things you like to keep ‘at your finger-tips’.
  4. Multi-device control – Android mobile phones offer you the flexibility of operating your phone from your computer as well. Track your lost or stolen device or simply store files to and from your mobile, the Android’s multi-device feature allows for tremendous ease of use.

Videocon’s Advantage in Android Mobile phones in India

The year 2009 witnessed the consumer electronics giant Videocon launch its range of mobile phones backed by years of trust and commitment to serve the consumer in the best possible manner. Driven by expertise in conceptualization and product design, Videocon’s Android mobile phones exceed consumer expectations by offering unparalleled combination of technology and style. Amalgamating the most useful and unique features in every new mobile launched, Videocon’s strong and efficient customer service spread across 500 plus service center ensure the best product buying and after sale service experience.