While Shopping For Android Mobiles, These Feature Checks Are Essential

  • 4G Service: As 4G is trending, it really makes sense to go for 4G enabled phones. It is also better to consider whether your new android mobile supports the latest high-speed 4G networks


  • Screen size and resolution: Today, almost all the best android mobiles in India offer big screens.  The other thing besides screen size is its resolution. More the resolution is, the more clearer display you will get. The resolutions also come in various lighting conditions which can significantly impact the display of the screen


  • RAM: In case, you are just concerned about the performance of your mobile then make sure that you need a minimum of 1GB RAM. But if you are low on the budget, not to worry as there are many smart phones which are optimized with 512MB of RAM


  • Camera: It’s better to go for best android mobile in India with front camera. Your new android mobile should have a minimum of 5MP camera. Also, make sure that when you take the hands- on experience it has all the advanced features like Panorama Mode, Flash etc. as you may require the same in future

The above points were a matter of great concern and should be kept in mind if you are looking to buy the best android mobile in India. My personal recommendation to you will be going for a reputed brand to buy the phone. These days Videocon is doing just great. The Videocon’s 4G enabled smartphones are dominating the mobile market these days and there are number of people who are going for it.


4G Smartphones in India


Enjoy the blazing fast connectivity with all new 4G smartphones from Videocon Mobiles featuring VOLTE support, Gorilla Glass protection at best prices in India.

latest 4g smartphones in india
Best 4g Smartphone In India