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Do you looking for 3G mobile phone in India? Now Videocon offers mobile phones with advance featuring on very reasonable price.

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3G Mobile Phones

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Buy Mobile phone in India with latest technology for fast browsing application and Innovative design that gives you elegant look to your personality.

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While Shopping For Android Mobiles, These Feature Checks Are Essential

  • 4G Service: As 4G is trending, it really makes sense to go for 4G enabled phones. It is also better to consider whether your new android mobile supports the latest high-speed 4G networks


  • Screen size and resolution: Today, almost all the best android mobiles in India offer big screens.  The other thing besides screen size is its resolution. More the resolution is, the more clearer display you will get. The resolutions also come in various lighting conditions which can significantly impact the display of the screen


  • RAM: In case, you are just concerned about the performance of your mobile then make sure that you need a minimum of 1GB RAM. But if you are low on the budget, not to worry as there are many smart phones which are optimized with 512MB of RAM


  • Camera: It’s better to go for best android mobile in India with front camera. Your new android mobile should have a minimum of 5MP camera. Also, make sure that when you take the hands- on experience it has all the advanced features like Panorama Mode, Flash etc. as you may require the same in future

The above points were a matter of great concern and should be kept in mind if you are looking to buy the best android mobile in India. My personal recommendation to you will be going for a reputed brand to buy the phone. These days Videocon is doing just great. The Videocon’s 4G enabled smartphones are dominating the mobile market these days and there are number of people who are going for it.

Videocon’s 4G Volte Will Change The Way You Talk Forever

India is developing at a quick pace as far as the mechanical headway when contrasted five years back. What do you believe is the cause? Yes, you’re correct; it’s the force of mobile availability. With the cell phone upheaval the nation is becoming quicker than at any other time, the portable network has helped Indians develop business in the most conceivable way.

Connectivity must, however, be constantly improved to stay updated with growing demands. To speed up matters, 4G mobile phones are now being referred to as 4G Volte Mobiles in India, with Volte meaning Voice over LTE. This refers to calls made through a 4G network instead of the usual 3G or 4G. Due to better technology, 4G helps improve a phone’s overall performance and internet browsing speed.

Benefits of Volte

  • Superb Call Quality: Smartphones with Volte surpass the previously popular mobile networks like 2G and 3G to offer unmatched network connectivity and sound quality. Also, given it wider bandwidth, much larger amount of data can be transferred over 4G than 2G or 3G. This brings in super voice clarity, making it easier to even understand the tone of the person on the other end. In other words, this means an HD voice call communication.
  • Better Coverage and Connectivity: Here Volte offers tremendous and fast call connectivity. The added benefit is that even if at times there is no 4G signal, the existing 2G or 3G networks will take care of call drops or other call detractors. This will enhance the overall mobile coverage. The 800MHz spectrum that 4G operates on can penetrate even remote areas or huge mass of big buildings.

Videocon mobiles are known to deliver exceptional durability and performance and hence their 4G volte mobiles are nothing less than extra-ordinary. Videocon is proud to present a range of 4G smartphones at most affordable prices and offering premium quality network compatibility.

While Shopping for Best Android Tablets


A more accessible option between a smartphone and a computer or laptop, tablets have been offering the most user-friendly functionalities to a widespread section of gadget geeks or other technologically advanced people.

Given their highly interactive and easy to use interface, the best android tablets have also acquired a dedicated share among those who want to stay connected on the go. But buying an ideal tablet is not an easy decision and requires extensive research. Let us help you make a more informed decision and own the most desirable tablet in the market.

Identify Your Needs

The first and foremost question you should ask yourself is – ‘what are you going to use the tablet for?’ The answers can vary from your plan to replace your PC, or simply to cater to your movie and TV watching impulses while you are travelling, or you are fed up of carrying mobile phone and want the calling feature to be incorporated in your tablet. Whatever are your desired expectations from the tablet, it will go a long way in deciding your choice of best Android Tablets.

Don’t Let Price Decide

A high price never guarantees better quality product. Also, just because a tablet is priced low does not mean that it is useless.

Ensure you explore the design and feature specifications of each tablet and also the user-friendliness of its interface. Brands like Apple obviously add the brand name’s premium price to the cost.

Manufacturer Matters

This entails assessing the brand’s goodwill and of course the after sales services where customers are often made to feel helpless. Choose a company whose customer service is reliable and easily available. For best android tablets, it is essential for you manufacturer to provide you latest updates to newer versions of the software etc.

Battery Life

Most tablets promise all day battery life. But experts and studies have shown that tablet batteries usually last for 10 hours maximum on an average. Even if the android tablet that you are considering offers up to 8 hours battery backup, you can go ahead with your purchase decision.

Videocon is the leading brand in the market offering most stylish, feature loaded, durable and best android tablets in India at most affordable prices. Opt for Videocon and give yourself the most deserving gadget experience.

Top Android Games to Play on Your Smartphone

Wondering what to do with your spare time or looking for ways to while away your time on those lazy summer afternoons? Well, your smartphone may come to your rescue. Apart from the plethora of applications and browsing options that Android smartphones offer, you get to experience the ultimate gaming thrill with the following top rated Android games for 2016.

  • Roll The Ball: The best puzzle game currently, this slide puzzle game requires gamers to use physics and engineering to win. It involves extensive brainstorming and hence serves as a good brain exercise.


  • Cut The Rope 2: Another current favourite in puzzle games graphics category is this elaborately designed game. Here you have to feed candy to the little green critter called Om Nom. This can be done by cutting the rope. The cute visuals in no way mean the game will be a cakewalk. Difficulty levels increase drastically and bring in added thrill in the game in later levels.


  • Plants vs. Zombies 2: The classic free-to-play tower defense game involves employing services of assorted shrubbery to defeat an approaching zombie army. You will have a great time with its elaborate and fancy graphics and interesting levels of difficulty.


  • Speedy Ninja: Ranking on top in the series of best Android endless runner games, Speedy Ninja’s name says it all. You get to run endlessly and battle opponents with the aid of swords, fireballs and more simultaneously. Flashy graphics and great effects add to the running experience.


  • Stack: From the kitty of best Android action games, Stack is a block stacking game demanding excellent timing skills and nerves of steel. It is action packed as well as simple to play which brings in a refreshing experience.

Now that you have the list of ultimate Android games to play in 2016, owning the best Android phone for gaming is the first step to practically experience the thrill of gaming. Bring home Videocon’s best Android phones for gaming at affordable cost and put your curiosity to work and help you score the best high scores.