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Connecting Smartly Through Efficient 4G Volte Phones in India

India is developing at a quick pace as compared to the last five years put together. With the cell phone upheaval the nation is becoming quicker than at any other time, the portable network has helped Indians develop business in the most conceivable way.

Connectivity must, however, be constantly improved to stay updated with growing demands. To speed up matters, 4G mobile phones are now being referred to as 4G Volte phones in India, with Volte meaning Voice over LTE. This refers to calls made through a 4G network instead of the usual 3G or 4G. Due to better technology, 4G helps improve a phone’s overall performance and internet browsing speed.

Benefits of Volte

  • Superb Call Quality: Smartphones with Volte surpass the previously popular mobile networks to offer unmatched network connectivity and sound quality. Also, given it wider bandwidth, much larger amount of data can be transferred over 4G than 2G or 3G. This brings in super voice clarity, making it easier to even understand the tone of the person on the other end.
  • Better Coverage and Connectivity: Here Volte offers tremendous and fast call connectivity. The added benefit is that even if at times there is no 4G signal, the existing 2G or 3G networks will take care of call drops or other call detractors. The 800MHz spectrum that 4G operates on can penetrate even remote areas or huge mass of big buildings.

Videocon mobiles are known to deliver exceptional durability and performance and hence their 4G volte phones are nothing less than extra-ordinary. Videocon is proud to present a range of 4G smartphones at most affordable prices and offer premium quality network compatibility.

While Shopping For Android Mobiles, These Feature Checks Are Essential

  • 4G Service: As 4G is trending, it really makes sense to go for 4G enabled phones. It is also better to consider whether your new android mobile supports the latest high-speed 4G networks


  • Screen size and resolution: Today, almost all the best android mobiles in India offer big screens.  The other thing besides screen size is its resolution. More the resolution is, the more clearer display you will get. The resolutions also come in various lighting conditions which can significantly impact the display of the screen


  • RAM: In case, you are just concerned about the performance of your mobile then make sure that you need a minimum of 1GB RAM. But if you are low on the budget, not to worry as there are many smart phones which are optimized with 512MB of RAM


  • Camera: It’s better to go for best android mobile in India with front camera. Your new android mobile should have a minimum of 5MP camera. Also, make sure that when you take the hands- on experience it has all the advanced features like Panorama Mode, Flash etc. as you may require the same in future

The above points were a matter of great concern and should be kept in mind if you are looking to buy the best android mobile in India. My personal recommendation to you will be going for a reputed brand to buy the phone. These days Videocon is doing just great. The Videocon’s 4G enabled smartphones are dominating the mobile market these days and there are number of people who are going for it.